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Shorty Awards

Role: Manager of the Shorty Awards for Brands & Organizations & Director of the Real Time Academy

I worked with the Founders of the Shorty Awards to launch and develop the Shorty Awards for Brands & Organizations starting in 2011. I led this program from it’s inception, growing revenue, reach and quality each year. In 2016 I pitched and launched the Shorty Social Good Awards, honoring the work brands and nonprofits are doing to make our world a better place.

The Shorty Awards honor the most innovative work on social media. Responsibilities include overseeing website re-design, entry process, judging process, entrants, jury, research staff and overall outreach for the awards. Additional responsibilities include managing the Marketing and CMO juries of the Real-Time Academy of Arts & Sciences responsible for judging these awards ( and acquiring and managing sponsor relations, including HBO and Bitly.

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