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Kind words

"Doreen embodies a mantra of 'no task is too small and no project is too big' in pursuit of optimal agency operations. Her self-starter spirit, insatiable appetite for learning and keen eye for optimization opportunities has helped Statement evolve into a well-oiled machine. She ensures everyone gets what they need while never failing to distribute a smile along the way!

Not only does Doreen keep Statement's project pipeline running smoothly, our clients also praise her for keeping them just as well-organized. A quick thinker and meticulous planner, Doreen keeps complex marketing programs and high-volume environments humming along with diligence and patience."

Elisabeth Martin & Jen Depakakibo, Co-Founders of Statement

"After speaking to 5-6 event producers, it became immediately clear that Doreen was the one. And from the very first discovery call in May 2019 through completion of the event in August 2019, she was a dream to work with!


The Cosmos Summit, which was the first large-scale experiential conference for 300 Asian women hosted in Brooklyn, was personally AND professionally important to me and my cofounder because it was the realization of a dream birthed 2 years ago. Without a doubt it would never have come to life the way it deserved to without Doreen's guidance, skillset, or network. She was supportive, creative, enthusiastic, patient, consistent, accommodating of our budget, and innovative all the way through.


Her communication was always clear, which put our nerves at ease during many chaotic moments! Overall I cannot recommend working with Doreen enough, it was truly a blessing to have found her!"

Cassandra Lam, Co-Founder & CEO of The Cosmos

"I've had the pleasure of working with Doreen on several projects at a few different companies. She is a meticulous project manager who can be relied upon to keep any project on time and executed in the most efficient way. For high stress projects, she has the amazing ability of keeping a calm demeanor, and can strategically guide even difficult clients to make the best decisions for their companies. Doreen is also inspiringly creative, and fun to work with which is a true bonus. I look forward to seeing what amazing projects are in her future!"

Maggee Dorsey, Director at Wachsman

“Doreen is detail-oriented, efficient and dedicated to making sure that her work not only meets, but exceeds expectations. She was able to provide strategic insight and recommendations on multiple fronts, such as live production, programming and marketing. I felt confident placing large components of the launch under her leadership and was impressed by the teams she was able to pull together in short order. Her commitment afforded me the invaluable peace of mind that important facets of the project were in capable hands.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Founder, ReMode / EVP Strategy & Business Development at UBM

“Doreen totally rocks. She’s also a lovely human being and a pleasure to be around. She has worked for us in a highly independent fashion, as well as a team member, and has excelled in all cases. Our clients love her. I enthusiastically recommend and endorse her.”

Jeremy Driesen, Partner at Ray Bloch Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with Doreen on Town&Country’s inaugural Philanthropy Summit. Her creativity, follow-through, meticulousness, and high-energy approach made her an absolute joy to work with. I was always 100% confident in her and her team and the results they delivered were perfect. The project wound up being a lot more than we initially thought and Doreen took on all the extra asks with a smile on her face and came through completely. I would absolutely recommend Doreen to anyone who needs a high-end, detail-oriented event production pro!”

Alexis Zukowski, Sr. Manager Events & Promotions for Town & Country


“Doreen is focused, persistent, detailed and efficient - these are all the traits you need to have to be a successful producer. Along with getting things done, Doreen is also someone you can have a drink with. She is calm under pressure and understands how to navigate delicate relationships. It is wonderful to work with her and I hope to continue to be able to collaborate with her!”

Laurea De Ocampo, Sr. Event Producer

“A great partner, she understood and quietly over-delivered on expectations, bringing a proactive and creative problem-solving approach to every challenge and providing me with invaluable peace of mind, knowing that her considerable responsibilities were in great hands.

Jennifer Wollerman, General Manager and Executive Producer at Ray Bloch Productions

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